May 21, 2017

Ski area and Illumination Rock on Mount Hood, Oregon

Illumination Rock on Mount Hood, Oregon
Illumination Rock on Mount Hood, Oregon

The first week of this month, my friend Mark and I took a road trip up north. We started in LA and found ourselves at Mount Hood, Oregon a few days later - out furthest point north before turning around and starting the drive back.

This was a really crazy day weather-wise. As we approached, we actually mistook Mount Jefferson for Mount Hood. The former seemed to be more brilliant, bathed in beautiful sunlight. Mount Hood, on the other hand, had a certain resemblance to Mount Doom from Lord of the Rings, with thunder storms brewing directly over it.

As we got closer it started to rain, then it started to hail - very hard. I slowed my car down to a crawl and reached a point where I realized I didn’t know what to do. Would the hail damage my car? Would it hail even harder? Should I just keep going?

Fortunately the hail let up after a few minutes. The car didn’t appear to have any damage - and the hail and rain seemed to have cleaned up a large portion of the bug splatter that I was collecting on the front of my car (for a 2500 mile drive, I was kind of curious to see how many bugs I could collect. Oh well, another time I guess).

We took a few landscape photos, then headed inside Timerline Lodge and waited out the rest of the storm inside the lodge, including a stop at the great Ram’s Head Bar.

Afterwards we couldn’t resist heading out again and getting shots of Mount Hood at sundown.

Here’s a shot of a feature on Mount Hood called Illumination Rock, just above the ski slopes. I really loved the great moody light here. Really crazy weather makes really ideal photos I guess!

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